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Lets Talk Construction.

A drought in Arizona

According to an ACG Survey, employment in the construction industry has risen 13,800 jobs in the Metropolitan area as of March 2019. It seems like the new and upcoming opportunity in Arizona right?

Well, there's just one problem.

Due to a generational gap, finding workers with the qualifications has become near impossible. Over the last decade there has been a substantial decrease in qualified employees due to a simple lack of education about training programs. While four year programs are encouraged, vocational programs get left on the back burner. It's also not common that a child says "I want to do the dirty work when I grow up!"

This is where the Workforce Development Plan will hopefully step in.

"AGC of America will expand its workforce recruiting efforts while continuing to pursue a host of outreach measures we have initiated during the past five years. The intent is to counter the misconceptions that have stigmatized construction careers, despite the fact the economics of working in the industry is substantially more advantageous than in many other industries."

To make it simple, the Federal Government is expected to step it up so construction will be viewed as a desirable career path. According to the Development Plan, here's what is going to change: Ensuring more funding for CTE programs, WIOA programs, Pell Grants, holding schools accountable for educating students about career opportunity/earning potential, and reforming immigration. It will also implement to "expand earn-and-learn career education and grow industry-recognized programs."

Until then, let's help spread awareness about movements such as Build America. A bachelors degree isn't fit for everyone, and alternatives need to be more socially acceptable.

Building our future depends on it.

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