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The Construction Company You Can Depend On

We are a full service Construction Services Company. We offer General Construction and Maintenance as well as Pre-Construction Services. C&J Custom Construction was founded in 2005 specializing in luxury home drywall and painting. C&J slowly grew to acquire new licenses and start new divisions, expanding into commercial, multi-family, industrial, parks and recreational facilities. C&J is now, Lewis Construction Services LLC. But don't worry, we are still doing business as C&J Custom Construction for the time being. We currently offer multiple construction services from planning-to-finish phases, everywhere in between, general contractor services, maintenance services & monthly reports. We have recently been able to offer basic 3-D Rendering services for clients to have a clearer picture of their vision or project. Don't forget to checkout our recurring services as well. Plenty of what we do is based on our clients needs, so please feel free to ask.


Over 15+ Years of Experience

Our owner Brandin Lewis has been in the Building/Construction industry for over 15 years. Undertaking projects ranging from small tenant improvements, warranty/service repairs, underground utilities for the government, ground-up, multi-family, parks & recreational facilities. Completing over a million square feet worth of Tenant Improvements & New-Builds. Starting as a handyman in his teenage years learning his education hands on and through hard work, Mr. Lewis never stop learning the construction trades It started when most painters he met were afraid to take off electrical fixtures so they would always paint around them. Mr. Lewis was excited to know & do more. Fortunate enough to work in luxury homes & smart enough to ask questions and pay attention, he would always the owners of these homes what they did for a living. The answer was almost always "It would be easier to tell you what I don't to". So Brandin never stopped learning, asking questions & taking on new tasks. Eventually becoming a managing owner in 2017, he decided to focus mainly on areas of commercial work and residential property maintenance. In 2022 Mr. Lewis started Lewis Construction Services LLC, offering all the services we do today. Basing his company on Customer Service and a High-Quality finish, Mr. Lewis was able to transcend C & J Custom Construction from a small reliable contractor, into one of the most dependable construction services companies existing today.


Why We Are #1

INTEGRITY: We truly care about what we do, how we accomplish our goals/tasks by doing it the right way with no short cuts even if it means coming back. We enjoy our clients and always want to keep a relationship open.

PERSEVERANCE: Where most can't finish, WE ALWAYS DO. We are in the construction industry after-all. Nothing is going be stress-free and there will always be hiccups along the way. Experience and dedication keep us going and making the right decisions when things hit a snag, We keep going until the very end.

HARD WORK: We're not the average 40-hour-a-week construction company. We believe in working until the job gets done. Our teams put in late hours from Monday-Sunday in order to get the jobs done.

INNOVATION: Why wait for someone else to tell us how to do it when we can be busy creating a new way. We believe that there is always more than one way and always strive to find a better more efficient way of doing things in order to stand-out and be and industry leader.

PASSION: Our Staff and trades take absolute pride in the quality of craftsmanship that they perform. We truly enjoy waking up everyday and making the world a better place.

FAMILY: Here at C & J we are very family oriented. We believe that without family, we don't have much of anything. We completely understand that our Nation's Youth, is our Nation's Future and encourage all forms of early education even bringing a child to work when job-site acceptable.

TRUST: We prefer to only do business with those that we trust have the same integrity value as ourselves. We hold ourselves, trades, and clients to our/their words and desire honesty over bulls#*! any day of the week.

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